Hansel and Gretel are very rich. They live in a palace. One day, they join the group, Greepeace. They become the member of Gren Peace. They try to save the last species of a kinf of birds. The last species are in a forest near the palace. Therefore, they go to the forest. At that time, the hunters try to hunt these birds. Hansel and Gretel see them. The hunters get panic because the hunting is illegal so they catch Hansel and Gretel and tie them with a rope. Then, the hunters make Gretel as their cook. She prepares their meal, washes up their dishes. After doing these household Works, they tie her with Hansel. One night, the hunters sleep deeply because Gretel puts sleeping pills to their meal. Hansel finds a piece of glass and cut the rope. They run away secretly. Then, they go to the police Office and narrate the events. The police officers catch the hunters. Hansel, Gretel and their parents live happily.